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Rich manufacture experience

Association into plastic box factory co., LTD., founded in 1988, is a Hong Kong famous transparent packaging products manufacturer, the quality of our products won the ISO9001:2008 international certificate of recognition.

Workshop equipment is perfect

We adopt new imported equipment - Germany man Roland eight color offset printing presses, man Roland nine color offset printing machine and Japan fully automatic screen printing machine, not only improve the work efficiency, improve product quality.

Good technology

We have a large number of technical personnel, and actively introduce places such as Europe and the United States, advanced machinery and equipment, with professional technology and rich experience, products are exported to all over the world.

Channels to ensure raw materials

We use high-quality sheet, to ensure that wear-resistant packaging products flowers, proof of strong, shiny and translucent, almost flawless.。

Plastic box of diverse styles

Association into product variety, including folding boxes, cylinder, soft rubber products, beer films, shopping bags, cosmetic box, blister, etc., according to customer need to customize shape, size, material and printing effect.

Systematic service

Design and production system. Companies to provide perfect plastic packaging box design scheme, technical personnel with rich production experience, with professional technology and rich experience, our packing can effectively improve your product image and sales.

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Established in 1988, we are a well-known manufacturer of transparent packaging products in Hong Kong. We have more than 30,000 square meters of self-built plant in Pinghu, China, and introduce advanced machinery and equipment from Europe, America and Japan. The new 700 series of Man Luolan eight-color, nine-Offset Press, Japan, "Sakurai" screen printing presses and other advanced machinery and equipment, the company has a large number of technical personnel, product quality awarded ISO9001: 2008 international recognition certificate.
Thanks to our professional technology and rich experience, our packaging will effectively enhance your product image and sales volume.

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