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1. The order procedure?

Provide product information → offer → Play version → Confirm the sample → A formal production → delivery


2. Quotation will need to provide what information?

Offer please provide box type, size, thickness, film genre, quantity, printing, packaging requirements and delivery location.


3. In what format do you need to file?

We accept the AI, EPS, TIFF, JPEG, PDF files, resolution of 300 dpi or above


4. The delivery date is about need how long?

In general, light body do need about 1-3 days, screen printing and ko type takes about 3 to 5 days, archives determine the prominent project; Do the goods need about 7-15 days, after sample confirmation and deposit receipt. Urgent order the goods time can be another meeting.


5. PP, PVC and PET materials mainly have respectively?

Three kinds of different materials have its main features:
PP – The most economical and environmental protection, can use ultrasonic or glue bonding technology
PET – Also is to belong to environmental protection material, high transparency
PVC – High transparency and widely used


6. Minimum order quantity?

Local customer each style 5,000, overseas customers each 10,000


7. Silk screen printing and offset printing what?

Screen printing is to provide the PANTONE number or color to color printing, is often used in printing lines or text, simple design.
Offset printing does not need to provide color, with basic 4 colors offset printing: red, blue, yellow, black, after printing colours will have more than ten kinds of color effect. Mainly used for printing the patterns of the complex, gradient effect and shadow effect. To make the design more beautiful effect, usually after printing 4 color will put a white background.


8. Play version need to do charge for? Would you please return?

Play version is need charge fee, generally can be returned after the formal order, depending on the circumstances.

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